Millennium Laser Technologies, Inc

302 West Carob Drive, Chandler AZ 85248    (408) 205-7222


Service and Support

When you need assistance our worldwide support staff is available to help you resolve your problem and return to normal production.

Contact your regional customer support center for:

  • Complementary telephone troubleshooting
  • Technical Support
  • Dispatching of local field service technicians
  • Parts identification and ordering

These services are available through our maintenance and warranty programs or on a billable as needed basis.

Maintenance and Warranty Plans

At Millennium Laser Technologies we understand that your current production requirements are a priority. For you to succeed, your manufacturing systems must be reliable, providing the uptime and throughput to meet those production needs.

That’s why we’ve introduced a series of support plans designed to help keep your laser system in optimum operation with minimum downtime. Each plan provides a different level of support that allows you to tailor our services to your needs.

For details and pricing on maintenance plans contact Millennium Laser Technologies at (480) 802-5268.