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2003 Sigma DSC Windows NT Cognex Reader Genmark Robot with Flipping End Effector Dual Spot Optic

2003 Sigma DSC Windows NT, Mat 486, Cognex Reader, Genmark Robot with Flipping End Effector, Dual Spot Optics 50um or 70um Spot size is programmable with each job file. This tool is immaculate and ready to sell, fully refurbished with new flow cell and Diode This tool is 150mm 200mm & 300mm capable.

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Millennium Laser’s Diode Laser Upgrades for the WaferMark II, Dramatically Reduce Splatter !!

Typical flashlamp wafer marking produces thousands of particles. These vaporized particles migrate onto devices in the wafer causing defects.

Diode laser wafer marking on bare silicon produces no visible particles. This results in reduced processing steps and increased yields.