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Deficiencies of WaferMark II

WaferMark II

Typical WaferMark II with flashlamp laser. This system incorporates an ESKI laser power supply.

Standard Cooler

This WaferMark II standard cooler cabinet consistently leaks causing rust and water marks which add to the particle problems.

Standard Laser

The standard Lumonics laser requires high maintenance and usually needs laser tuning after lamp changes. There are also issues with beam loss and debris degredating the assemblies, i.e. Q-switch, Shutter Polarizer, assembly in the laser rail.

Standard Water Lines

Facilities’ water lines are always required for a typical flashlamp laser system. These lines are also a source of particles as they are consistently moving with the cooler cabinet “Asco Valve” opening and closing upon cooling water demand. Additionally, these lines may present an occupational hazard and could cause further damage due to potential water line breakage.

Benefits of a Air-Cooled Diode Pumped WaferMark II

WaferMark II with Diode Laser Upgrade

A WaferMark II upgraded with a diode laser is a very clean design that maintains the same physical dimensions as the standard WaferMark II. It is simple to operate and requires virtually NO MAINTENANCE for many years under normal operation.

Internal View of Diode Laser

This laser rail incorporates an in line fan to pull air across The diode and crystal and Q-switch to ensure optimum temp is Maintained at all times. If any of these temps exceed their factory Set-points then an error message is generated and the system is shut Down at once.

Front View of Control Panel

On/off key control for electronics and laser function. Interlock and temp error LED’s for ease of troubleshooting; electronics card cage reset button as well on the front panel.

Diode Cooler Cabinet

Because the Air Cooled Diode Laser is fully self contained there is no need for external PCW cooling lines. This side access of the tool is now nothing more than storage space. The old cooler cabinet and rear AC panel are no longer needed; this new Configuration simply runs off of 115 VAC at 9 amps.