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Millennium’s Diode Laser Upgrades Dramatically Reduce Splatter !!

Tired of losing valuable processing time to cleaning your wafers after laserscribing?

Does your fab consume unnessary resources by growing Oxide, Nitride, or even spinning on photo-resist only to remove it after laserscribe?

Or are you post-cleaning with a Megasonic or Scrubber or FSI only to find more particles are being supplanted on the wafer?

Typical flashlamp wafer marking produces thousands of particles. These vaporized particles migrate onto devices in the wafer causing defects.

Diode laser wafer marking on bare silicon produces no visible particles. This results in reduced processing steps and increased yields.

The marks produced by the Millennium laser scriber are much cleaner than those produced by our current system.
— Sheila O’Neil Skyworks